Amazon tracked shipping requirements

Amazon US is introducing guidelines for sellers to adhere to for selling products on their platform. Starting in February 2016, Amazon have confirmed that sellers will have to provide compliant tracking numbers for 95% of shipments.

Amazon wants their sellers to enhance the customer experience and by introducing this new metric, they are giving their customers clear visibility - allowing the customer to stay informed of the progress of their purchase by knowing exactly where their item is in the delivery process and when they can expect their delivery.

How will a seller and customer benefit from using a tracked service?

  • Amazon advises that approximately 40% of buyer contact through Amazon to a seller is about the status of a customer's shipment, using the "Where's My Stuff?" category. Tracking numbers automatically eliminate such enquiries because the customer themselves can check the delivery progress. A customer would only then message if they had an additional query, not answered by tracking their purchase.
  • If a customer currently claims an order wasn't received and the item was sent untracked, then a seller automatically loses out under the A-Z claims. Tracking codes will help eradicate unnecessary losses.
  • Improving seller feedback - a seller is putting the customer back in control by using tracking numbers. A customer can track the order progress and know whether they are going to receive the package on time.
  • Sending goods via a tracked service could help reduce the number of order defects, as well as lost shipments. This in turn helping reduce associated costs with goods lost in transit or having to be replaced.

What happens if a seller is not currently shipping with a registered carrier?

If merchants are currently shipping goods on Amazon US via an untracked service or via a carrier not recognised by Amazon, then they have between now and February 2016 to switch over to a tracked service using a carrier integrated with Amazon. Below are some of the carriers compliant with Amazon:

  • USPS (UKP Worldwide are an accredited partner of USPS)
  • UPS
  • DHL
  • FedEx

UKP Worldwide are fully compliant with the latest seller requirements of sending goods using a tracked service - how can we help you?

We pride ourselves at keeping up to date with the latest industry knowledge and ensuring our customers are compliant with the new platform requirements and the latest exporting regulations.

If volume shippers regularly send goods valued under $200 USD to the United States, they could benefit from our eCommerce service.

As approved parcel wholesalers for the United States Postal Service (USPS), we have direct access to all of their tracked parcel services, which can be accessed from many countries around the world.

Our shipping platform allows merchants selling on marketplaces such as and to integrate easily, meet these new requirements as well as being compliant with UK export regulations when shipping to the USA.

Our tracked service is simple and has been designed to help your business reach U.S. customers. It removes the hassle and high shipping costs that are often encountered with cross-border parcel distribution.

We follow defined procedures with strict timelines to enable us to process and get your goods delivered within 4-7 days, on time and within budget.



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