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European Services

Service Alert European Services Start date: 17th March Estimated end date: 22nd March Technical issues have affected scheduled departure times and have significantly extended the waiting times on both sides of the channel. Waiting times for the Tunnel were up to 7 hours UK bound and 5 hours Europe bound....

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Bolivia – Temporary Service Suspension

Service Alert Bolivia – Temporary Service Suspension Start date: 14th March Estimated end date: 31st March The Government of Bolivia asks us to inform that, by virtue of Supreme Decree No. 23155, which came into force on 14th March 2018, the suspension of postal services to Bolivia is ongoing until...

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Service Alert Ireland Start date: 26th February Updated: 9th March Mail and parcel processing are nearly back to normal. However, there are some areas in Ireland where roads weren’t accessible until yesterday, compounding with higher volumes from Ireland domestic customers as a result of last week’s shut down, some delivery...

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Brazil Customs Strike

Service Alert Brazil Customs Strike Start date: 7th March Estimated end date: 9th March Please be advised Brazil has announced another customs strike in the country. Clearance delays are to be expected up until Thursday 8th March. Normal services are expected to resume on Friday 9th March.

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New Zealand Post Operation Temporarily Shut

Service Alert New Zealand Post Operation Temporarily Shut Start date: 7th March End date: 8th March Due to Health and Safety Reasons New Zealand Post has shut down their Operations Area at the International Mail Centre for Wednesday 7th March, therefore there may be 24 hour processing time.

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Service Alert USA Start date: 7th March Estimated end date: 10th March The North Eastern region of the USA has been hit with winter storms with near-blizzard conditions since 7th March and this has resulted in many flights being cancelled including all three key airports serving the New York area...

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French Polynesia

  Service Alert French Polynesia Start date: 6th March The postal operator of French Polynesia has advised that the delivery of inbound and outbound mail will be severely disrupted due to industrial action. As a result, significant delays can be expected until the strike ends.

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Service Alert China Start date: 6th March Estimated end date: 13th March Please be advised that as a result of the 13th National People’s Congress being held in Beijing (China), deliveries to the following provinces will be delayed until 13/03/2018: Hebei, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Shanxi, Liaoning, Chifeng, Jilin, Heilongjiang,...

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European Services – Update

Service Alert European Services – Update Start date: 27th February Updated: 6th March Impact from heavy snowfall has subsided with most major roads re-opened and flights resumed. However, driving conditions can still be difficult in some parts of Europe, coupled with any possible backlog from last week; it is likely...

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