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India – No customs clearance 01.02.2018

Service Alert India – No customs clearance 01.02.2018 Start date: 1st February Estimated end date: 2nd February Please be advised that due to the Indian Government making changes to their Budget on the 1st February 2018, no Customs clearances will be taking place during this period. Normal service is expected...

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USA – Weather Delays

  Service Alert USA – Weather Delays Start date: 30th January Weather and traffic reports showed that light snow was causing disruptions in the north-east. Roadways were being impacted to Long Island, the New York City metropolitan area, most of Connecticut and Rhode Island, and eastern Massachusetts.

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Italy, Spain & Poland

Service Alert Italy, Spain & Poland Start date: 26th January Delays may be expected for mail sent to Italy, Poland and Spain as postal operations in these countries have yet to normalise after the year-end peak season.

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Greece – Processing Delays

  Service Alert Greece – Processing Delays Start date: 26th February Estimated end date: 2nd February Greece Postal Operator, Hellenic Post – ELTA, indicated that following the implementation of new customs procedures, delays in the handling of inbound postal dispatches and delivery of items have been reduced. For EMS and...

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France – Flooding

Service Alert France – Flooding Start date: 25th January Several areas in France are experiencing floods since 24th January due to heavy rainfall. The Parisian neighbourhood of Villeneuve-Saint-George has been evacuated due to flooding. Several departments in France are on high alert due to rising water levels.

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USA – Heavy Snowfall

Service Alert USA – Heavy Snowfall Start date: 4th January Update: 24th January The heavy snowstorm that affected the Mid-Atlantic and North Eastern USA still continue to have an impact on airports and mail operation within the region. Mail is being uplifted to JFK in good time but deliveries may...

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Switzerland – Heavy Snowfall

Service Alert Switzerland – Heavy Snowfall Start date: 20th January Swiss Post has advised that heavy snowfall has been affecting roads and train transportation in the cantons of Wallis (39xx), Uri (64xx) and Graubünden (75xx), since 20th January. As a result, all mail services can expect delays, dependent on the level...

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Germany – Severe Weather

Service Alert Germany – Severe Weather Start date: 18th January Weather warnings have been issued on 18th January for gale force winds in many areas of Germany, with conditions forecast to last until 3 am local time on 19th January. Wind speeds of up to 130 kilometres per hour are...

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USA – Heavy Snowstorm

  Service Alert USA – Heavy Snowstorm Start date: 4th January Estimated end date: 15th January The heavy snowstorm that affected the Mid-Atlantic and North Eastern USA last week still continues to affect airport and mail operations in the region.

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