Strike in Suriname

Service Alert Strike in Suriname Suriname Postal Corporation (SURPOST) have informed us that due to an unexpected labour dispute since 4th April, there have been delays in processing and delivery of all postal items. Suriname Postal Corporation thanks all designated operators for their understanding. We will keep you informed with any...

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Strike in Italy

Service Alert Strike in Italy We've been advised that a 24-hour national strike is due to take place on Wednesday 5th April 2017. This will affect the entire air transport sector, pilots, air traffic controllers and ground handling companies at Italian airports. Consequently, many collections and/or heavy delays of all...

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Strike in Greece

Service Alert Strike in Greece We have been informed that the Postmen Association of Attica has announced a 4-day strike from Tuesday 4th April until Friday 7th April 2017. This action will affect both international and domestic delivery of mail in the region of Attica, which encompasses the entire metropolitan...

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Update: Australia – Cyclone Debbie

Service Alert Update: Australia – Cyclone Debbie Australia Post has informed us that in addition to the impacts on the state of Queensland, Cyclone Debbie has now also caused flooding in New South Wales. Australia Post thanks everyone for their understanding during this time. They will update once the situation...

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Australia – Cyclone Debbie

Service Alert Australia - Cyclone Debbie Australia Post asks us to inform the designated operators of UPU members countries that it is continuing to experience severe weather in Queensland. As of today, 30th March 2017, all postal services in Queensland (postcodes 4xxx) are suspended, affecting delivery and lodgement across all...

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Heavy rainfall in Australia

Service Alert Heavy rainfall in Australia Australia Post has informed us that weather warnings have been issued across North Queensland (postcodes 4740, 4741, 4750, 4751 and 4798 to 4820). Heavy rainfall is forecast, leading to flash flooding. This will affect the collection and delivery of all mail products. Australia Post...

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