Service Alerts

Service Alerts

Switzerland – Strike Actions

By Kelly Hudson | July 23, 2018

Start Date: 23rd July – End Date: 30th July It has been reported that air traffic controllers from the Skycontrol union in Geneva and other regional Swiss airports will hold industrial action from 23rd July over working conditions. The strike action is set to last a week, however, the union warns it could last longer. Geneva, Bern and Lugano airports are expected to be worst impacted.

South Africa – Strike

By Kelly Hudson | July 18, 2018

The designated operator of South Africa, South African Post Office have informed us that employees launched a nationwide strike on Tuesday 3rd July. As a consequence, delays in the collection and delivery of all inbound and outbound mail are to be expected. South African Post Office is doing everything possible to deal with the situation. South African Post Office thanks everyone for their understanding and cooperation and will update as soon as the situation returns to normal.

Philippines – Severe Flooding

By Kelly Hudson | July 16, 2018

Start date: 16th July – End date: Unknown. It has been reported that severe flooding has been occurring across the city of Manila since 16th July. Heavy rain has severely inundated many roads, and transportation is reportedly being disrupted. Further disruption is expected until weather conditions return to normalcy.

China – Severe flooding has caused mail delays

By Kelly Hudson | July 13, 2018

Start Date: 13th July – End Date: Unknown. Severe rainstorms have caused flooding that has impacted over two million people in multiple provinces across South and Central China, causing widespread disruptions such as train service cancellations, landslides, road closures and flight delays. Disruptions have been reported in Sichuan, Gansu, Chongqing, Guangdong, and Guangxi provinces. Further rainfall was expected for Sichuan province in the coming days, likely extending disruptions.

South Korea – Postal Delays

By Kelly Hudson | June 29, 2018

Start Date: 29th June Korea Post has advised that due to high volumes of incoming mail, delays may be expected for mail sent to South Korea.

Antigua and Barbuda – Mail Delays

By Kelly Hudson | June 22, 2018

Start Date: 22nd June End Date: Unknown Antigua and Barbuda Post Office have advised, that postal staff are currently staging a sit-in. This is impeding operations and resulting in delays in the movement of mails

USA – Storm Impacts in the Northeast

By Kelly Hudson | May 17, 2018

The designated operator of the United States of America, the United States Postal Service (USPS), asks us to inform the designated operators of UPU member countries that storms in the Northeastern United States have resulted in facility closures and delivery delays owing to damage and loss of power. Please visit the following link for a complete list of impacted facilities:   USPS thanks all designated operators for their understanding and will provide an update via EmIS once the situation has returned to normal.

Nicaragua – Processing Delays

By Kelly Hudson | April 27, 2018

Start date: 26th April The processing of post in Nicaragua has been halted due to the political unrest in the country. Deliveries will suffer delays until the situation has been resolved.

Australia – All services back to normal

By Kelly Hudson | April 18, 2018

Australia Post has confirmed that the severe weather event in some parts of Queensland (postcode areas 4810 to 4895) ended on Monday 16th April 2018, and the collection and delivery of all mail products is back to normal. Australia Post thanks designated operators for their understanding and cooperation. Many thanks UKP Team

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